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Advertising Services

Google Ads. Web Design. Maintenance. Hosting. Domains

Open New Frontiers with Digital Bundles

Are you a professional service provider, Handyman looking to expand or grown into new markets?

We can assist you open new markets and increase your market presence with targeted advertising. Handman is partner with M3 Associates, a digital advertising agency in South Africa.

M3 Associates

M3 Associates aka MC Matiza Media Associates is on the leading front of promoting startups and SMMEs in South Africa with digital solutions formulated to create growth and sustainability through effective and affordable tools.

Digital Bundles

What are digital bundles?

Digital bundles are bundled digital advertising services bundled together and provided as a service to businesses at affordable rates. The rationale is that a business does not only require web design or google ads or facebook marketing, in isolation. However, while these services are required to get a startup to grow and to keep an existing business running profitably and maintain / grow market presence, trying to pay for them separately is often expensive for businesses.

This is why Handman in partnership will help you business by giving you access to the most experienced, experts in digital marketing and web design & development to grow your business, through affordable packages that include:

  • Web design & development
  • Web hosting
  • Google ads
  • Website maintenance
  • Domain registration
  • Social Media Marketing

Get in touch with our advertising team and our Associates will be in touch with you to get you started.

You are free to contact us 021 911 4226 or WhatsApp us mobile 060 302 6979 for assistance to get you started.